Yes, the Postal Service is on social media. No, they're not on all of the social medias, but they are on the main ones. My team is in charge of creating campaigns and content on all of their channels. Below is just a sampling of that work:
Stamp Promotions
Each year USPS releases a bunch of stamps that range from commemorating influential artists and national parks to special holidays and yes, even puppets. 
To help announce these stamps we needed fun and easy ways to promote them on social which is what you see below.
The "Mini Truck"
No post gets more likes, hearts, comments, tweets, etc. than the posts that feature this little toy replica mail truck. We dubbed it "Mini Truck" and decided to make it the unofficial mascot of USPS. 
USPS delivers to every mailbox in the nation, that's over 40k addresses a day. A few of those postal routes pass by some of the most iconic landmarks in the country. 
To show off the views those lucky postal carriers get to see on a daily basis, we took the Mini Truck on a mini road trip. 
The Sustainability Series
The Postal Service does more than just handle the Nation's mail on a daily basis. They're also taking the steps (literally) to become more sustainable. 
CD: Dane Rahlf
CW: Jess Phelan, Johnny Constable
Designer: Maddie Stevens
AD: Kate Lee
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