Dairy Queen

Diets, errands, meetings, laundry...the world doesn't want you to have dessert. Sometimes, you just need an escape.
At Dairy Queen, it's dessert time all the time.
The DQ Escape Button
Disguised as a compass key chain, pressing the escape button pinpoints the nearest Dairy Queen location on your phone's Google Maps.
This spots would air during the rush hour commute.​​​​​​​
Stickers & Signs
Show them how much you love soft serve by decking out your ride with DQ signage.
DQ Race Car Stunt
Imagine watching a race, the cars going round and round the track when suddenly, one of them is gone. It's not a crash. It's not a malfunction. It's not in the pits. It's gone to Dairy Queen.
The DQ Milkshake Flask & Hideaway
Now you can escape to soft serve, even when you can't physically escape to soft serve. The hollow book hideaway keeps the flask refrigerated and concealed from kleptos.
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