Cannes Young Lions

Food allergies are often made fun of, not taken seriously, or thought of as a weakness. But in fact, some of the strongest people in the world can be taken down by a teeny tiny nut. 
To bring awareness to the severity of food allergies, we were tasked with developing an "own-able moment" for the nonprofit organization End Allergies Together (E.A.T), whose sole mission is to find a cure for food allergies. 
Our solution was to partner with Nike and Serena Williams, who happens to have a severe peanut allergy. From there, the "EpiC Line" was born. 
The EpiC Line, with an attachable EpiPen® holster and injection target, is meant to highlight the lengths that some food allergy sufferers have to go to in order to protect themselves from anaphylactic shock. For someone like Serena, that could happen by simply interacting with fans who may have peanut residue on their hands.
We prototyped the EPiC Line. 
We stripped for our pitch... 

Take one.

Take two.
We came in second place.
(I hit a judge in the face with my pants during said stripping, which probably cost us.)
2nd place in the 2019 U.S. Cannes Young Lion Competition​​​​​​​
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