Campaign Headquarters
Every political campaign has a crew of dedicated characters, each with their own special set of skills. They work tirelessly behind the scenes with one goal in mind: winning.
We brought a few of these characters to life in a short film and social campaign to show political campaign managers that no matter who's leading what on the team, direct mail can be an effective tool to reach voters and get their candidate elected.
It's easy to overlook simple ways to reach voters when you're in the middle of running a political campaign. So, we wanted to remind campaign managers that the USPS is here to help them wade through the utter chaos of an election cycle. By tapping into workplace personas, ones that we've all experienced in many team settings, we highlighted the benefits of direct mail in an unexpected but relatable way.
ACD: Alejandro Rosado | Producer: Brennan Kelley, Tiara Welch | Studio: Not To Scale
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