We’ve all heard the old saying that “hard work builds character." Well, we disagree...
Why work hard when you don’t have to?  A Bobcat does all the hard stuff for you so you can work smarter, not harder.
With a Bobcat, hard work can be fun. The Bobcat Claw Game would be an interactive installation used at trade shows or store fronts as a creative way to show off the product. Customers would have the ability to sit in a full-scale Bobcat model and dig for prizes. 
To inspire the next generation of Bobcat enthusiasts, we created the Bobcat Sandbox. It's the perfect gift for those little tikes who know that "working harder" is overrated. 
What's the hardest part about working with a Bobcat? Sitting all day. That's why we teamed up with Carhartt to create padded pants, providing extra cushion where you need it most – your butt.
Once you own a Bobcat, we know you'll want to customize it. That's why we created a few add-ons to help your ride stand out at the job site (and make your friends jealous). 
To play off the "Trucker Nutz" craze, we created our own version: Bobcat Danglers. And no Bobcat is complete without a whip flag flying on the back. 
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