Alliance To End Plastic Waste
Plastic waste is a global and catastrophic epidemicit's polluting our land, rivers, and oceans, and rapidly killing our ecosystem. Worst of all, we're not doing enough to stop it. 
When the American Chemistry Council (a trade association representing the plastics industry) came to us to help solve this problem, we pitched the idea of launching an initiative to clean up the mess. An initiative that would ask some of the biggest plastic producers, users, and recyclers to join forces and form an alliance with one mission: solve the plastic waste problem. 
With that, the "Alliance To End Plastic Waste" was formed, and it's members committed 1.5 billion dollars to help keep plastic waste out of the environment.
The Alliance To End Plastic Waste is a coalition of some of the biggest companies in the plastics industry, and it continues to grow. We launched in 2019 complete with branding, a website, and a 'go live' event that was streamed around the world.
ECD: Chris Ferguson
Design: Brian Probus
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